Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Week 6 - Driving and Cover Design.

Today more work on the design happened. We are investigating 3D printing a cover. We started to practice some of the events. 

Marlo  today we practiced more driving of the robot, spoke about the events and finished the design of the Pinamite on tinkercad.
Charlotte today we were put into groups and one finishing the robot design the other practising driving the robot.
Ruben today we got the tinkercad project ready for printing and the other group drove the robot around.
Ivy Today we practised driving the robot for the competition and talked about the different events. The other group finished the robot design for the Pinamites
Thomas Today half of the club practiced with the robot and the other half designed the template for the cover on the robot.
Elisa we drove a robot and we saw and talked about a few of the events

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