Monday 10 February 2020

Week 5 - Names, Designs and Driving

This week we voted on the design and team name...

After a close competition we are now called Pinamite! 

Here are some of our designs...


After a vote on all the different design ideas and, to keep with the theme of Disaster Area, we will using a design of an exploding raspberry. 

Starting to practice.

Design team finalising the look.

Practicing for th eco-disaster challange.

Charlotte - Today we voted for the design and name for our robot, then we got split into 2 groups, one designing and working on the robot, the other practiced driving the robot around the room.

Marlo - first, were voted on the team name and robot design, and then we split into groups: improving the design and driving. :) ^_^

Molly - We voted on the design name and look: Pinamite and the split up into two groups, designers and drivers..

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