Tuesday, 29 January 2019

3rd Week - Starting to build.

Today we learnt how to code a robot with 2 motors, it was one of our old models, from a previous PiWars and it tested our knowledge of python. It was very fun to try out a new program because previously we had only made one motor work.

Some of us re-built last years robot because we wanted to challenge ourselves in a different way, it was fun to learn how everything worked and to test our building skills.

We also shared some of our ideas for the design of the robot.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

2nd post.

In today's session we....

Creating some code. 

We were programming on Python3 to make a little robot move with a motor attached to a wheel. It moved at different speeds, we learned how to 'build' a motor control board at the start of the club. Wwe talked about what challenges to access and who did their homework. We discussed some ideas for what the robot might look like.

Yes! The motor moves.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

1st blog post

Today we spoke about what we had to do in Pi-wars, dates, where it is and how we get there.

It is on the 30th of March and we will get there by train.

We now need to go online and look at the official website for next week so that we know what the challenges are and also we will have new ideas for it. This is the link - https://piwars.org/2019-competition/challenges/

We looked at an mBot to practice our robot programming skills, we plugged in a stick and then made the robot move. according to our code.

Here are most of the team and some of the work we got up to today.